The food in Portland is probably one of the main factors why I think the city is the best in the USA. Maybe it’s because the tap water here is delicious itself, so food cooked in it tastes better. Maybe it’s because Portland is full of bohemian hippies (not really, but a little). Whatever the reason, I had some of the best American meals during the couple weeks I was in Portland.

Cajun Tater Tots @ McMenamins Rams Head  Pub

McMenamins Cajun Tots

I can’t say enough about these tots. I actually went back a week later to get another batch, they were so good. I expected them to be spicy from the Cajun. Not so. Maybe very mildly spicy. But pure deliciousness. Comes with peppercorn ranch and organic ketchup (Portland style). One serving is good enough for a full meal. It’s a signature dish at all the McMenamins locations, and not to be passed up.

Oh yeah, and they are $2 in happy hour!