The food in Portland is probably one of the main factors why I think the city is the best in the USA. Maybe it’s because the tap water here is delicious itself, so food cooked in it tastes better. Maybe it’s because Portland is full of bohemian hippies (not really, but a little). Whatever the reason, I had some of the best American meals during the couple weeks I was in Portland.

Sushi @ Saburo’s Sushi

When I arrived in Portland, I went to a couchsurfing event and asked what the best sushi parlor was in town. Nearly everyone simultaneously said “Saburo’s.” So I went there. They were right. Just the California Rolls were a notch above anything I’ve had before. And I got the Chef Special, which included my first serving of octopus. Not something I would usually pick, and I can’t say I’m fond of it. But hey, I’m taking off all inhibitions to trying new foods. I’m just glad I can add octopus to the list of foods I’ve tried. But if you like sushi and you’re in Portland, Saburo’s is your place. And don’t expect a large bill either. Update: I drove by Saburo’s a couple weeks later. There were several dozen people outside waiting for a table. Seems the rest of Portland knows it’s the best sushi in town as well.